What to Bring on Your Cabo Sport Fishing Trip

If you’re getting ready to go sport fishing in Cabo San Lucas for the first time, you might be anticipating your trip and wondering what to bring with you. To get the most out of your trip and to ensure that you are safe, it is important that you carefully consider what you bring with you. Keep some of the following tips in mind in order to ensure you are prepared for your day of Cabo sport fishing.


The right shoes are important when you are on a sport fishing trip. The deck of the boat can get very slippery when fish and gear are hauled in and out of the water, and the use of hooks and other tackle can be dangerous on bare feet. Therefore, it is important to bring shoes that are comfortable while also providing traction and support. Flip flops aren’t recommended, so aim to bring a pair of sturdy tennis shoes with soles that can provide stable traction on-board.

Sea Sickness Remedies

Do you know that you’re prone to motion sickness? Is it your first time out on the water, and you’re not exactly sure how your stomach might act? Being prepared is essential when it comes to dealing with sea sickness. To make the most out of your trip, avoid eating a lot or drinking too much alcohol the night before your trip. Make sure that you are well-hydrated, and have a light breakfast before boarding your boat. While avoiding coffee and soda is advisable, you might want to bring along ginger ale in order to help combat nausea. Consider antihistamines or prescription-strength motion sickness medications if you are in need of something stronger.


Being out on the open water is dangerous for your skin, especially because tropical sun can be deceiving. The ocean breeze may trick you into feeling cool while your skin is burning under the hot, solar rays. Do yourself a favor and bring plenty of waterproof sunscreen. Keep yourself protected and reapply often. Also consider bringing Chapstick or lip balm with a high SPF in order to protect your lips.

Sun Protection

Protect your head, eyes, and face with a hat and sunglasses on your fishing trip. Sunglasses can help your eyes to relax while cutting glare, and this can help you to see the fish better. A wide-brimmed or snug-fitting hat is also important in order to protect your scalp from the dangerous rays of the hot sun.