What is Included in Baja Fishing Trips

Have you ever experienced disappointment in something you thought you were buying, but it just didn’t deliver? You know the story; the hotel looks luxurious on the web site. The lobby is clean and polished looking. The rooms are amazing with all the amenities you can dream of. Sometimes it isn’t what you arrive to find. Those pictures might be old. They might even be on a totally different property. Knowing what you are getting for your money will stop any disappointments from ruining your vacation.

When looking to put a Los Cabo fishing package together, check out On their web site you will find a wealth of information to help you decide what options are best for you. offers an in-depth view of the company. You will become familiar with the Captain and the crew members. There are thorough descriptions of each boat and the amount of passengers it will hold. You will read fishing reports that explain what fish are available at what time of the year and what bait is best used to attract them. The web site has information about the laws and regulations of fishing in Mexico. Good to know so you don’t arrive unprepared.

With, their sport fishing charter excursions are fully detailed with what you can expect and what the cost will be. Included in their packages is a charter boat that will vary in size and price depending on the number in your party. There are fighting chairs and speed reels. Also included is a GPS system, marine radio and fish finder. For your comfort there is a fully functioning bathroom and an English speaking crew. Their fees also include fuel, dispatch fees, tackle, Mexican taxes, bottled water and ice. It is also important to know what is not included so you are prepared for additional costs. Bait is not usually included. Food is also not included but can usually be supplied by your hotel or purchased in advance. If you need a total package including accommodations, can help you reserve a clean comfortable room for your stay with a discounted price!

It pays to be informed about what is included in a package you are purchasing for Baja fishing trips. By knowing what to expect, you won’t find yourself disappointed during your vacation. Check out It’s the best website for all your needs.