What Are The Best Cabo San Lucas Fishing Packages?

Imagine this. You finally have enough money to go deep sea fishing in Los Cabos. But, you want to find the best Cabo fishing boat for your money. This is a trip you will never forget and you want to feel secure about your investment. Thank god for the internet because you can wisely invest your money on your trip without leaving your home. Now, let’s discuss some of the Cabo San Lucas fishing packages that will get you the best bang for your buck.

When it comes to finding the best Cabo San Lucas fishing packages, there is only one place to go and that is El Budster. This company has knowledgeable and courteous service, custom rods to use, electric fish finder and radio, and a GPS System to help track the best spots to reel in the biggest fish Cabo has to offer. El Budster has been in business for about twenty years and is regarded as one of the best. Captain Endy and First Mate Ismael are the men who ensure each and every trip taken into the seas of Cabo is a memorable one. When a customer looks back at their fish, or perhaps pictures of the trip, nothing but nostalgic memories will unfold.

El Budster has some of the most affordable rates when it comes to fishing in Los Cabos, which could explain why they have the best cabo fishing packages. Their smallest boat, the 29’ El Budster, costs $455. This includes the 16% Mexican tax, 1-4 anglers, boat, crew, fuel, tackle, dispatch fee, bottled water and ice. The boat itself is equip the latest technology, that being a Furuno Fish Finder, a VHF Marine Radio, and a GPS System.

El Budster also has two 31’ fishing boats called, The Blue Merlin and Mex Time. Both boats are virtually identical in size, features, and in price, $575. The biggest boat El Budster has to offer to its customers is the 38’ boat called Rondinella. It cost $825 for a full day of adventure on the seas of Cabo. This boat can hold up to eight people and uses the most exclusive tools and technology that puts the other boats to shame. If a customer is looking to get the most out of El Budster, this boat is a definite must.

When coming to Cabo, El Budster wants to accommodate its customers with not only a great trip, but with a great hotels and restaurants. Siesta Suites Hotels is the ideal hotel for fishermen. The hotel is clean, quiet, affordable, and located in a central location of Cabo. When it comes to restaurants, Sleepless Lobster has excellent fish and Mexican food. Customers can even bring the fish they caught from El Budster and have Lupe or Leo cook it for free. Paty’s Garden, a lobster restaurant, is another restaurant that will cook your fish for you. They also have excellent food and great prices.

El Budster has the best packages in Cabo because they manage to extend their business beyond the fishing docks. They want their customers to have the best experience possible, on and off the seas. El Budster wants their customers to eat the best food. El Budster wants customers to have memories that will last a lifetime and encourage them to come back for more adventures.