Types of Fishing Charter Boats in Cabo San Lucas

Choosing the right charter boat is one of the most important decisions when planning your deep sea fishing trip. There are many Cabo fishing boats to choose from and having the cleverest name isn’t necessarily the way to pick it. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on the best sport fishing charter boat for your trip.

Group Size

The number of people that will be going out on the excursion helps to narrow down your choices. The smallest fishing boats accommodate as few as one person. There is no benefit to reserving an 8 person boat for just 2 or 3 people unless spending the extra cost in amenities and fuel doesn’t bother you.

The most common group sizes range from 2-6 people. Some Cabo fishing boats will accommodate as many as 12 passengers. It is a good thing to keep in mind that deep sea fish are hard to land. These fish are giants of the sea and may take hours to reel in. There are only so many crew members to go around should the getting get good. Therefore, with larger sportfishing vessels, it is still a good idea to limit the number of rods in the water. Large groups where everyone wants to fish will cut down on rod time. It is best to keep groups smaller unless your wives just want to tag along for the ride.

On Board Accommodations

Deep sea fishing boats can only go so small before they become unsafe options on open ocean waters. Therefore, even the smallest sport fishing vessels include a cabin with a fully functioning bathroom and necessary safety devices. Larger vessels often include air conditioned cabins, a bed, Wi-Fi and TV with DVD players. Larger Cabo fishing boats may also have a galley with food and drinks for a make-yourself-at-home feel.

Fishing Accommodations

Fighting chairs are where you will sit when bringing in your catch. Fishing Charter Boats in Cabo San Lucas will have one to two fighting chairs and some may offer a tournament chair or gear upon request. Harnesses will be provided to ensure your safety should you find a heavy weight on the end of your line. Other standard accommodations include stereo systems, on board bait tanks, coolers, maintained top of the line tackle and gear and all the necessary electronic equipment to keep you safe.

Once you have narrowed your requirements down, it’s time to read reviews. And then you can pick the best name.