Tips for Your First Cabo Fishing Charter

Deep sea fishing is an incredibly exciting experience, much of which comes from not knowing exactly what kinds of creatures are lurking under the water. For the beginner, your first time on a Cabo fishing charter can introduce you to the many joys of angling, and a variety of tips are available to ensure that you are well-prepared for your first day on the water.


Your Cabo charter fishing excursion will last for a good portion of the day, so you should be prepared for potentially changing weather conditions. While a T-shirt and shorts may be your best option when you set sail, the weather could change while you are on the water. Ensure that you bring a few layers with you on your trip, one of which should be waterproof. Footwear that is equipped with good grips is also important, as the boat floor will often become slippery as water rolls over the side and fish are landed. Flip flops are not recommended.


Safety is also essential when involved in any type of deep sea fishing, and it is especially important to review safety procedures on your first excursion. When boarding your first fishing charter, be sure to identify potential safety hazards and discuss safety precautions with the crew. Learn about any emergency procedures and where personal flotation devices are located. Ensure that fishing equipment is handled responsibly, and if you are unsure of how to use something, consult with the crew to determine how to handle the items safely.

Other safety measures should also be taken to ensure that your time out at sea is enjoyable. If you are prone to seasickness it is recommended that you take some type of seasickness medication prior to boarding your charter. Stay away from boat fumes and stay on deck in order to avoid concentrating on the vessel’s motion. Be sure to wear sun block and stay hydrated in order to prevent any medical issues or injury that can last after your trip ends.


Before fishing in Cabo on any type of charter, you should first ensure that the boat is operated by an experienced crew and captain that utilize the best fishing electronics and equipment. On the El Budster, we offer a knowledgeable staff and utilize electronics and a GPS system to maximize your charter fishing experience. You can feel confident that you are in good hands when on one of our charters.