Think about a Cabo Fishing Trip

Every year during spring break thousands of young men and women descend upon Cabo San Lucas for some fun in the sun. When they think about going to Cabo they often think about spending time on the beach, at one of the many bars or maybe going snorkeling in the ocean. Those are some of the most common things that people think about doing when they go to Cabo.

If they took the time to look at what is offered in Cabo San Lucas, they may think about spending more time taking trips to this Baja peninsula. One of the activities that will appeal to many people is fishing in Cabo San Lucas.

Marlin Capital of the World

A Cabo fishing trip can take on many forms. By far the most popular is deep sea fishing. Cabo is referred to as the Marlin Capital of the world. Anyone that has seen the Marlin that has been mounted and is hanging as a trophy in someone’s home or some business will realize how much fun this type of fishing can be. The struggle to bring a marlin into a boat and to be able to say that you caught this fish is something that will provide a lifetime of stories to tell others. When it comes to sport fishing, being able to go after marlins will top a lot of people’s lists.

The marlin is only one of the sport fishes that people will find in Cabo. Sailfishes, Roosterfish, Grouper and many others will challenge and excite almost everyone.

For those that do not like the idea of being on a small boat trying to land a big fish, there are other options when it comes to a Cabo fishing trip. Party cruises allow you to drop a line in deep water while you sit back and enjoy a few drinks or the beautiful scenery of the ocean that surrounds you.

Anyone that does not want to try this type of fishing can also enjoy fly fishing. Cabo may not offer the type of fish that the fly fisherman is used to, but they do have plenty of great places to test your fly fishing skills. It is hard to describe the thrill of catching a billfish until you actually experience it.

Not everyone will realize the opportunity they have when they travel to Cabo San Lucas. They will be blinded by their surroundings and if they are not careful they could miss out on some great fishing.