Sport Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

If you’re planning a vacation and you want to get a little fishing in, you can go just about anywhere where there’s water and a boat. Nothing is more relaxing than floating on a river with a cold brew and your fishing line hanging over the side. On the other hand, if you aren’t looking for a relaxing fishing trip, but are hyped up for a more adventurous experience, then sport fishing in Cabo San Lucas might be just what the doctor ordered.

So, you say you’ve never heard of Cabo San Lucas let alone fishing in Cabo San Lucas. If you follow sport fishing at all, you’d probably know that Cabo San Lucas is the Marlin Capital of the World. Each year there are several sport fishing tournaments in Cabo San Lucas and if you plan it right, maybe you could get in on one. What could be more adventurous than fishing for a Blue or Black Marlin?

Unless, of course, it’s fishing for Tuna, Sea Bass or Mahi Mahi. Yes, you can try your hand at that too.

Cabo San Lucas is at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula and is smack dab in between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez (otherwise known as the Gulf of California). Here you will find marine life like nowhere else. Eels, lobster, parrotfish and sea lions abound which makes it a scuba diving destination. You can swim with the dolphins and even go on a whale watch. But you want to fish,

For the deep sea sport fishing aficionado, you will want to rent a charter and go out with a professional guide. Many world-record sized catches were made here and the Marlin is the king of the trophy fishes. According to the rules, most Marlin must be caught and released, but each boat can bring one Marlin back. If you had envisioned eating that stupendous catch, not to worry, the Bluefin Tuna and Mahi Mahi can be taken back home to cook in your favorite recipe as you bask in glory talking about the one that got away.

If you happen to be in Cabo San Lucas in July or October you may be there for a real treat. Bisbee’s sponsors three sport fishing tournaments per year and they are spectacular. Watch as over 150 boats leave the shore to try their hand at snagging the biggest Marlin of the day. This isn’t your average tournament. In the 2006 the payout was $4 million. According to, it was sport fishing’s largest payout in history.