Los Cabos Sportfishing Basics

Cabo San Lucas is known for being one of the premiere places for fishing. Serious fishing. Sport fishing. But, doing sport fishing Cabo San Lucas style means you should know some of the basics in order to do it right and spend your time enjoying the sport and not fretting over any details.

Los Cabos sportfishing is based on a fishing schedule that is specific for that region. This is greatly based on the fish you want to catch. Summer isn’t great for shark or Yellowtail but is terrific for Mahi Mahi and Snapper. Don’t forget that Cabo San Lucas is the Marlin capital of the world; however, even among marlins, there are the Blue, Black, and Striped varieties, so even Marlins come in a wide variety. This just gives you an idea of the great variety and abundance of fish in the Cabo region and the great amount of difference the seasons can mean for catching various fish. Look up a fishing calendar to figure out the season that is the best and the fish you are most likely to find.

You do need a fishing license, but they are generally easy to acquire at the marina the day of your excursion. You’re likely to spend about $15 for a license.

One question that is sometimes asked is: Can I bring the fish back home? You can. How much you can bring back is subject to the airline and their specific regulations. You do need to make sure you store the fish properly, however. That means it must be frozen and in a leak-proof container.

Where to go for sport fishing is based on where the fish are that day and time of year. You can travel anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour outside of Cabo San Lucas in order to get to where the fish happen to be at that time. Examples of locales for your sport fishing adventure include Punta Pamilla, Punta Ballina, Chileno Bay, and Punta Gorda.

Some of the most prestigious tournaments are held in Cabo San Lucas every year. In the season during which these tournaments are held, the entire city gets excited over the thrills of fishing and landing that one really big catch. Cash prizes can be over a million dollars, so you can imagine they attract some of the best fishermen in the world. Whether you are at that level or not, it’s a fantastic time to visit Cabo.

Of all the places in North America, Cabo San Lucas has one of the best reputations for sport fishing. With a little research and brushing up on the basics, you can easily have the time of your life.