Los Cabos Fishing Charters, Cars, and Zip Lines

Cabo San Lucas has some of the best terrain for adventure-seeking travelers. From the beautiful waters full of the largest fish imaginable to the Rocky Mountains that provide opportunities for adventure, you are bound to have a blast experiencing this Mexican locale.

Fishing Charters

Every year, Cabo sport fishing boats take thousands (if not millions) of adventurous fishermen out try their hand at catching the wealth of fish that are waiting just off the Baja shores. There are plenty of Los Cabos fishing charters that will take both experienced and not-so-experienced fishers out on an adventure. Marlin, Mackerel, Mahi Mahi –there are plenty of huge and tropical fish swimming through those waters. And they will fight! Yes, Cabo San Lucas is known for amazing sport fishing and the fish that will put up a fight! So be prepared to brave the open waters and reel in the fun.

Off-Road Racing

Cabo has great, rocky terrain that caters to the off-roaders. Rent a car and enjoy the playground outside the city of Cabo San Lucas. Take a three-day or longer tour and you’ll have a fantastic time traipsing the countryside in your own rented all-terrain vehicle. Or check out the races for which Cabo is known. It is all perfectly safe, or at least on par with many other adventurous activities in which tourists participate year after year.

Rock Climbing

If your arms (and fingers) are strong enough, climb the rocky mountains that surround Cabo San Lucas. It is a rock climber’s dream. You can get serious about climbing or you can check out tours that have you traversing suspended bridges, crazy ladders, and all kinds of zip lines.

Snorkel or Power Snorkel

Getting back to the ocean, many people discover the waters below by taking a snorkel tour of the Baja waters. You can look for tons of spectacular local animals in the deep such as sea turtles, rays, and amazingly colorful fish.

Sure, you can enjoy Cabo San Lucas from the comfort of the bars and restaurants. But what is great about Cabo is that you have some of the most thrilling outdoor activities right outside the city. Go one way and you have sea with all its wondrous water life; go another direction and you have the rocky cliffs that beg you to scale them. Have fun, be safe, and don’t forget that Cabo San Lucas has enough to keep any traveler happy and thrilled to be alive.