Looking for Cabo Sport Fishing Boats?

Cabo San Lucas, or simply Cabo as it is more commonly referred, is a beautiful Mexican city located on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. Every year thousands of tourists flock to Cabo from all over the world. Visitors to Cabo have a unique opportunity to take in the gorgeous scenery of the Pacific Ocean and enjoy the warmth of the tropical desert climate. Time share condos and resort hotels offer visitors the chance to settle in and enjoy all the activities and sites the area has to offer.

The beaches of Cabo provide travelers with opportunities for scuba diving, whale watching, and of course, sports fishing. Cabo fishing boats are available to charter for your pursuit of big game fish like marlin, tuna, dorado, sailfish, and even shark. Cabo sport fishing boats are run by charter companies who possess years of experience in the business of sports fishing. These charter companies provide big game fishers the opportunity and the tools they’ll need to reel in the big ones. They have knowledge of the ocean, of course, but they also provide courteous service. Their goal is to make your fishing expedition a safe and successful one.

When you charter your Cabo fishing boat, you’ll be getting the chance to enjoy a fun and exciting experience. The adrenaline rush of hooking and reeling in a prize fish is exhilarating. Simply being out on the Pacific in a fishing boat is an experience in itself. Should you be fortunate enough to make a catch on one of the Cabo sport fishing boats, you’ll be able to bring that trophy fish back to land where you can have it cleaned and filleted for a nominal fee. Many of the hotels and restaurants in Cabo will accommodate sports fisherman and prepare the fish for you for an additional fee. Think about it — you can feast on the prized marlin or tuna that you pulled out of the ocean. That is a satisfying meal.

Many tourists who participate in sport fishing while in Cabo will want to bring their catch home with them. It is legal for U.S. citizens to bring their fish back to the States, provided it has been filleted and is frozen. The companies that operate Cabo sport fishing boats are knowledgeable of the various customs and laws concerning sports fishing in Cabo and should be able to answer any questions you may have concerning bait, licenses, and places where you can have your fish cleaned, filleted, and stored. Most of the hotels in the area have experience with Cabo sport fishing boats and can store your fish for you while you enjoy the rest of your vacation.