I Want to go Los Cabos Sport Fishing!

It’s been another routine day at the office. My car was dented in the parking lot. The printer wasn’t working. The boss was extra cranky today. Our paychecks were sent into cyberspace by the finance department. Everyone on the highway looks like zombies behind the wheel, just staring off as they make their way home, only to do this all over again tomorrow. I need a break from this. I need some sun, warm ocean breezes, umbrella decorated drinks and a bit of adventure. I want to go Los Cabos sport fishing!

Why Los Cabos? Los Cabos, Mexico is close enough to not feel a world away. Los Cabos has something for everyone; beautiful beaches, magnificent golf courses, excellent food, exciting nightlife and of course unparalleled sport fishing! The sport fishing in Los Cabos, Mexico is world class! People from all over the world travel to Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula to charter a sport fishing boat and experience the excitement of landing that big fish. You don’t even have to worry about telling the “big fish” story to your friends when you get home. All big fish stories will be backed up with photos of you as you stand with your magnificent swordfish, striped marlin, sailfish, tuna or grouper.

Yes, I can imagine myself meeting the crew, Endy and Ismael, of the El Budster first thing in the morning when we will begin our Cabo San Lucas Mexico fishing adventure. Endy and Ismael are extremely knowledgeable about all things fish. They’ve been fishing the waters of Los Cabos for years. They know where to go to hook the fish of your dreams. I have a million questions for them. Do I need to bring my passport? I’m kind of fond of my beer, can I bring it on-board? And what about cleaning the fish, do I have to do it? I needn’t have worried, they knew all the answers.

My day of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico fishing was a dream come true! With the crew’s help I was able to catch a beautiful swordfish. After a photo op, I released it back into the warm, blue waters of Los Cabo. This vacation was just what I needed to cure the doldrums of the workforce. Just wait until I hang my framed picture of my catch in the office! My guess is that all the guys will be calling El Budster soon. Yes, I love Los Cabos sport fishing!