How to Search for a Baja Fishing Trip

If sport fishing is an activity you want to take part in and you’re traveling to Los Cabos, Mexico, you are going to need to find a reputable sport fishing charter. There are many good charters available in the area. So what distinguishes one from another?

To ensure you are going to have an excellent Baja sport fishing adventure, you need to do your homework. Think about what you want out of the trip. Are you looking to catch your dream fish? Do all charters have the information available where that fish might be located at any given time of the year? You want to have a sea worthy boat. Some charters might not care for their boats as well as the next. The last thing you want is to be stranded 25 miles off the coast waiting for the Coast Guard or other assistance. You’ll also want to know if the crew is experienced. Just how long have these guys have been fishing the area waters?

Reviews of past and present customers of Baja sport fishing charters are invaluable. Find out what their experiences were. Where they told what to expect? Was the fishing tackle capable of handling the activity? And was live bait included? When on a vacation, you want to stick to a budget. If you are quoted a price for your day out on the charter, make sure of what is included. Are fishing licenses needed and included? Any additional fees or taxes? Does the crew accept tips? Knowing all this ahead of time will allow you to have an enjoyable day with no surprises.

One charter sport fishing web site that has a wealth of information is can tell you what exactly you can expect on their sport fishing charters. It spells out the rates for the charters and what additional fees, if any, there are. It tells you everything included in that price. For example, is food included? It can be for an additional price or you can just bring your own on board. The website introduces you to the crew and staff of El Budster and tells you how much experience they have. There are fishing charts on the site, pictures of past charters and the fish they caught. There are reviews and answers to any question you might have.

It’s easy to see the best way to find your Baja fishing trip is to visit No more random clicking on the internet. Go to the place where experience speaks for itself. No surprises.