Find Great Cabo Fishing Packages

If you want to go sport fishing, and you decided to visit Cabo San Lucas, then you picked the right place. Cabo San Lucas is the spot where you can land that catch of a lifetime and brag about it for just as long. Cabo San Lucas has some of the best sport fishing in the world, but as with anything else, the fishing is only as good as the knowledge and experience of the captain of the ship.

Cabo San Lucas was once just a tiny fishing village, and since the advent of tourism the local fisherman took their knowledge and many began working the charter boats. Here, they are at home and they can impart their generations of wisdom to you. They will know where the best fishing spots are and where to go if the conditions aren’t exactly favorable in the usual locations.

Chartering a boat is easy, but chartering a boat that is within your budget, has the package you want, and a history of results requires a little research. But that’s no different from any package you go for, including your hotel. One thing most operators have in common is a surcharge during the tournament due to the extra time spent on the water and the additional crew members needed.

Cabo San Lucas fishing boats come in a variety of sizes and with all different kinds of amenities. Some have space where you can lie down if needed, others have private bathrooms. All of these factors will help you easily narrow down your decision about which charter to go with.

Keep in mind that you need a fishing license in Mexico, which is under $20. Some charters include the license in the charter fee, others do not. Inquire when you set up the charter so you don’t ruin your big day.

Most Cabo fishing packages come with a continental breakfast. Some include lunch and beverages, others do not. All include the crew and the equipment. Some include live bait and some specifically mention ice so you may want to inquire if you want your beverages cold. It may be necessary to pack a cooler. There are also charter companies that will direct you to services that will cut up your catch and smoke or freeze it for you take home.

Whichever package you decide to go with, keep in mind that you’ll be out in the sun on the open sea for several hours, and if the Cabo fishing package you chose doesn’t include beverages, be sure to bring your own water at least. It is always a good idea to have sunscreen and you may want to store a light shirt to cover up in the hottest parts of the day. Other than that advice – hope you catch the big one!