Did Baja Sport Fishing Suffer from Hurricane Odile?

September 15, 2014 was a day many of those in Cabo, San Lucas experienced a category 3 hurricane. Hurricane Odile plowed through Baja California with wind gusts over 100 miles per hour. Power lines were ripped down. Windows were blown out of Cabo, San Lucas hotels. There were trees uprooted and wide areas of flooding. This storm devastated the area. If you were planning on visiting the Baja California area, you might be wondering how this storm has affected Baja sport fishing and when the area might be back on its feet.

The people of Cabo, San Lucas are a resilient people. They started immediately digging out and making repairs. The cleanup effort was impressive. What once looked like a war zone is once again resembling the world class resort area it once was. Power was restored to 100% of the area just 17 days after the storm. The water supply is restored and restaurants are now open. Flights were scheduled to continue on October 8. It’s taken a while, but life is getting back to normal in the resort area of Cabo, San Lucas.

All businesses in Cabo, San Lucas suffered as a result of Hurricane Odile. The Baja California fishing industry was also sent reeling. As you can imagine, the boats that were left in the water were damaged. And in some cases the boats had been destroyed. The people of Baja California are not inexperienced when it comes to recovering after a hurricane. They have been hit by several large storms in the past. Each time, the residents pull up their boot straps and repair and rebuild what was damaged. It is no different after Hurricane Odile. Many hotels are now being open and businesses returning to normal. If there are any concerns about an upcoming visit to the Baja, California area, call your local travel agent or the Baja sport fishing charter that you booked. They can keep you informed of any problems there might be.

The Baja, California fishing industry is back on track following Hurricane Odile. The waters are filled with the many species of fish the sport fisherman yearns to catch. The beaches are ripe with shells washed up on the shores. The boats are back in the water and ready to go. There isn’t a better time to plan your visit to this world class sport fishing destination. You won’t be disappointed!