Catching the Blue Marlin When Fishing in Cabo

There are a variety of fish in the waters around Cabo, but none are more elusive or put up a fight like the blue marlin. This fish is known as an extremely large game fish, and the average weight can range from 100 up to 500 pounds. These fish are an average of six to ten feet in length and are known for their superior strength, which can only be exceeded by the area’s giant Bluefin tuna. If you are lucky enough to land this animal when fishing in Cabo you will be in for a fight that you will never forget.

Fishing Conditions

The blue marlin is typically easier to catch during good weather with clear water. It is not recommended to try and fish for these immediately after a storm, as fishing is often poor with murky water. These fish prefer tropical, warm water and temperatures, and they are usually found within the deep waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans.


The blue marlin will feed on a variety of fish in the wild, all of which can serve as excellent bait, including:

  • Bonito
  • Dolphin
  • Mullet
  • Cero
  • Squid
  • Skipjacks
  • Spanish mackerel

The blue marlin typically prefers hooked bait over an artificial lure, most likely due to its keen sense of smell. Therefore in order to catch the blue marlin you first need to either catch the bait on your Cabo fishing charter or to purchase it at a local supermarket.


When involved with Cabo charter fishing, your equipment is often provided for you. Otherwise, it is essential that you have the proper equipment before you try to fish for blue marlin. The high weight of this fish coupled with its superior strength requires that you utilize the best possible equipment available. This will include a rod that has a thickness that can withstand high amounts of tension without snapping. It should also be elastic instead of brittle and should measure between five and six feet, as this size will give you the leverage necessary to fish for blue marlin.

Other equipment is also essential when fishing in Cabo San Lucas for blue marlin. The reel you use will also need a proven drag. Use a strong line with 400-600 feet of available line. A safety harness should be used to fasten yourself to your boat, as it is essential that you ensure that the weight and strength of this fish are not able to pull you under. In many cases, anglers will choose to sit or to use a type of reel that has been attached directly to the boat.