Catch the Big One with Cabo San Lucas Sportfishing

It is a dream that anyone that has ever gone out deep sea fishing has. They want to land the big one. Whether it is a shark, a marlin or any other type of sport fish, the idea of fighting a fish for hours as the boat chases it around is something that is sure to excite just about anyone. Visitors to Cabo San Lucas may not be aware of the sports fishing that is possible in this area. It is actually easy to find charters that specialize in sportfishing in Cabo San Lucas. Before undertaking one of these trips it might be nice to know what kind of fish can be found.

Types of Fish Caught in Cabo

There are many types of fish, but some of the best sports fish found in Cabo are the Marlins. Blue marlins, Black marlins and Striped marlins are popular targets of the sports fishermen in Cabo. Sailfish are another exciting target. When you have hooked one of these fish, you can expect a fight. The sight of the fish flying out of the water as you struggle to hold onto your pole is a memory that will last for a lifetime.

Other sportfish found in the waters of Cabo include Yellow Tuna, Dorado and Wahoo. All of these require a skillful charter captain to find that also has the right type of equipment to haul these fish in.

The Rules about Sportfishing

Before undertaking one of the many Cabo Charters for a day of sportfishing, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the rules. In general, the government of Cabo wants any of the marlins, swordfish or sailfish to be released after they are caught. The fin with these fish is the fight and they should not be eaten or become trophies on the wall. Other fish can be kept and eaten if they are large enough. This holds true for the tuna, Dorado and Wahoo that are often caught.

Another thing to consider is the need of a fishing license. A non-resident alien under the age of 18 is required to get a fishing license before they undertake a Cabo San Lucas Sportfishing adventure. The cost of this license is less than 100 peso for a single day license. It is also possible to get weekly, monthly or an annual license. Make sure that you have everything in place so you can enjoy the time spent fishing for the big one.