Cabo San Lucas Sports Fishing and the Fish You Could Catch

The finest fishing can be found in Cabo San Lucas. Any time of the year a charter boat can take guests to fish up one of many species located in Cabo. Charters can be reserved for specific dates and times according to the schedule of the guests or to what is readily available from the charter company. Smaller boats are known to do day fishing while larger boats may stay out on the water overnight. It all depends on what type of fishing experience you want for yourself and your guests.

The fish are plentiful and the oceans are beautiful, a calming combination for any sports fisherman. There are several species of fish that can be caught along the shores and beyond in Cabos. One of the most common species that can be found in these waters are the Marlin. The Marlin, both black striped and blue, are plentiful and can come in anywhere from 50 to 300 pounds. Cabo San Lucas sports fishing includes the entire experience from sun up to sun down, and any type of fish that takes the bait is probably going to end up on the boat, cameras flashing and smiles for miles.

While fishing in Cabo San Lucas you are sure to see or catch the following species:

  • Roosterfish: Often found close to the shores they are predators of any fish in the surf. They are very common and in the family of the Jack fish. Roosterfish can be 20 pounds or over 100 pounds, but rarely more than 150 pounds.
  • Striped Marlin: Being the capital of the world, finding fish anywhere from 50 to 300 pounds is common. The average weight of a Marlin is around 125 pounds. If you hook one of these count on it taking at least 2 hours if not longer to reel him in.
  • Dorado: A beautiful fish, that may look similar to a very small but vibrant colored whale, the Dorado can grow anywhere from 10 to 80 pounds. The average size is 10 to 20 pounds with a swim speed of over 40 miles per hour and leaps that can cap 50 feet. To capture this small beast takes skill and patience, and a good fly!
  • Cubera and Colorado Snappers: A vibrant pinkish red, the Cubera Snapper is known to be a rare catch. Growing up to 5 feet long and weighing in at 100-200 pounds for the biggest catch, a snapper can net you a pretty wild experience while reeling him in but the overall gratification of catching him is beyond the regular Marlin.
  • Black Marlin: Black Marlins can reach up as high as 1,000 pounds or greater. For those catches, they are called granders and to catch one this large would be the ultimate trophy for any fisherman.