Cabo Fishing – World Record-Setter Giant Dorado

In the Cabo sport fishing category, El Budster is a charter well-known in the fishing community for their professionalism, friendliness and experience. With so many fishing enthusiasts signing up for El Buster fishing charters every year, it would stand to reason that they may get involved in setting some sort of a fishing record. And, indeed, they have.

As we find out from some recorded accounts, it was none other than Jim Dillon, a San Diegan who loves doing charitable work and fishing as his two main obsessions. As a San Diego Union-Tribune writer put it, it was a “Karma Catch”. After all the years of selfless work, helping the less fortunate, Jim was rewarded by the universe with the fisherman’s dream.

2013-07-09-doradoJim Dillon and the 90 lb DoradoJim Dillon, a lifetime fisher, who’s memories date back to when him and his father would spend days on the Pacific, fishing, credits his crew with the capture of “el dorado”; captain Salvador Nunez Ocampo and first mate Jesus “Chuey” Soto. He was going to have a rather short fishing day that day, before catching his flight back to San Diego, California, when he unexpectedly stepped into the ring with a heavy-weight champion Dorado monster fish and had a fight of his lifetime in a fighting chair onboard of El Budster charter boat.

So what kind of catch are we talking about? The fight lasted over thirty minutes and, as Jim wrote about it himself, “This was a smart fish that had no intention of joining our fishing trip.” Only some minutes into the fight, they were able to identify what kind of fish they stumbled upon.

As they managed to get the big fish onboard they turned around and headed for the docks where their trophy attracted a small crowd of both, locals and tourists. Then the moment of truth came, when the giant Dorado was weighed and the number came out: roughly 90 pounds. At that moment neither Jim nor his crew knew it, but it turned out to be the world record Dorado in two categories; 80-pound test line and the biggest fish. It was certainly a record in the history of Los Cabos fishing.

Jim mused later that it is mind boggling, if you consider that hundreds of thousands of people fish for this kind of fish every year. When you sign up for a Cabo fishing trip with the El Budster crew, you never know what fishing adventure you may experience. Whatever it is, the El Budster testimonials page speaks for itself…