Add a Cabo Fishing Trip to the Itinerary

A trip to Cabo San Lucas can be anything a person wants. There are many different things to do. Cabo offers great beaches, amazing nightlife and plenty of sites to see. It is more difficult to figure out what not to do than what you are going to do. The biggest problem that people run into is finding the time to do all of the things they really want to do.

While it is fine to spend a few hours on the beach sipping a cocktail or you can go out and enjoy a great meal in Cabo, there is one activity that can be repeated over and over again. A Cabo fishing trip is a great way to spend the day. There are many things that make the fishing trip in Cabo the best choice.

  • The Game Fish – One of the most exciting forms of fishing is going after game fish. In Cabo, the types of game fish available should make everyone happy. Dorado, Striped Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish and Amberjack are only a few of what people are catching in the waters off of Cabo.
  • Year Round – Fishing is something that can be enjoyed throughout the entire year. The type of fish that can be caught may vary, but there is always something to fish in the waters off of Cabo.
  • Charters – There are many different charters that can be found in Cabo. Boats of all sizes are available. Most of them provide everything that is needed for a great fishing trip. They can be chartered for a few hours or for a few days. It is up to the individual to decide what they want.

Finding the Right Fishing Trip

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas is an experience that should not be missed. While it is fun to take part in this activity, it is important to choose the right charter company for the trip. There are some tips that can help a person make sure that they choose a charter boat that will provide them with the experience they want.

  • Use a reputable travel agent – One of the best ways to choose a charter boat that you can trust is by using a travel agent. They have companies that they work with and will help resolve any issues a person may have.
  • Ask some questions – Before you choose a boat to charter, ask questions such as what type of fish should you expect and how long will you be out at sea for. You can ask what the charter includes and what it does not include. If the answers do not sound like something that you want, check with a different charter.
  • Get it in writing – Make sure that all of the costs of the charter are in writing. Any extras should be spelled out and agreed upon before embarking on the charter.

Taking the time to find the right charter can help get the most out of fishing in Cabo. It is something that will be rewarded.